B612 - Beauty & Filter Camera App Reviews

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Au amo o B612 ele eer otimo


Top App

Best simple app to use.

Im not usually a selfie style woman but when I need to take any kind of picture with my iPad 2 who doesnt have flash and the light s**k , I always found what I need to do the best shot as possible with my b612 application. Thanks to make me able to do quality pics easily.


I love this app so much and there is so much variety p. I can take awesome photo shoots for free!


Snapshot CamってアプリのFoggyというフィルターをB612にも入れてください!!!! Snapshot Camが有料でダウンロード出来ません(。>﹏<) お願いします!!

Its good program

Very nice

Very good!


Not sure about this app yet.


I love this app so much! I use it a lot, great filters too. but wheres the gif option? is that gone?


The B612 app is amazing.

Good application


Best App Ever!

The app is amazing, great variety of filters. Sharing options with automatic save to library is great! But I have looked all over to the in-app purchase option & its nowhere to be found. I love this app so much I would not mind paying extra for more options now that I got an ample taste of it.


A wonderful camera app! The filters are all creative and the interface is fun, though I wish there was an easier way to learn exactly where all the settings and functions were.. Also has a tendency to crash or freeze when switching the camera, its a bit irritating to have to close and reopen the app repeatedly, as that is a lot quicker than waiting for the camera to unfreeze.. Otherwise very good

Awesome app

This is the best app I use this app for almost all my selfies!!!

Great app

Many filters, great app all around

Love it

Many filters, great stuff.! No ads ( my personal favorite part of it ) and its really fun to use.! Great camera quality


This app is cool

Wow a selfie app that makes me look photogenic

Exactly what i was looking for in a selfie app perfect for people who think they look great in the mirror but are ugly af in a selfie


A lot of fun and easy to use

Lovely cute

I like the camera filters to know it looks great!

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